You can donate by sending a sum of money towards the charities targets, via our postal address, cheques should be made payable to
“The Wayne Howard Trust”

16 Tate Road
Old Redbridge
SO15 0NL
United Kingdom
Registered Charity 1100574

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Gifts such as property, stocks and shares, may been given to the charity free of Capital Gains or Inheritance Tax.
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As a registered charity The Wayne Howard Trust is a not-for-profit organisation, we, therefore, rely 100% on voluntary donations, which allows us to continue to provide vital services to brain injury survivors and their families.

The Wayne Howard Trust is independent and unbiased and as more and more people and families have family members that survive accidents and live with brain injury, the need for our work is ever increasing.

Your gift or donation will be used to extend our work in the relief of persons who have suffered a brain injury, their families and carers, particularly but not exclusively by the provision of advice and information, financial assistance for the purchase or hire of specialist equipment or treatment.