What does our logo mean?

Our logo is significant to our charity in that the grey text represents the 'grey matter' of the brain and the bee represents the scientific philosophy that it should not be able to fly - but they do because no-one told them they couldn't! We apply the same philosophy to those who have suffered brain injuries, we do not assume they can't.

21 July

Why The Charity?

Acquired brain injury has the most devastating effect, not only on the injured individual but also on their families and relatives. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding this type of injury and this often leaves the families confused and vulnerable. We believe that, through our own personal experience, we can offer much-needed support and advice to these families, as well as give positive help to the injured individual.

Our Objective "The relief of persons who have suffered a brain injury, their families and carers, particularly but not exclusively by the provision of advice and information, financial assistance for the purchase or hire of specialist equipment or treatment.

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